John Mayer signs fan's Klon Centaur pedal onstage and dials in his settings

The cult of tone around John Mayer is strong; there's even an incredibly thorough Instagram account dedicated to following what gear he's using and how he engages it for specific parts live. Even so, this is a new one on us. 

An Instagram user linked above captured the moment at the end of a recent show on Mayer's Sob Rock tour where he signed a fan's Klon Centaur pedal, and even took the time to dial in his preferred settings. 

That fan was Raul Neato from Toronto, who has since posted the signed overdrive pedal on Instagram, along with his own rig.

And for any of you lucky enough to have a Klon – here's those settings close up:

No wonder tone hounds / nerds love John – he's one of us! 

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Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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