Jack White shows his incredible customised Three-Wheel-Motion Low Rider Fender Telecaster

If Jack White has some gear to show us it's always essential viewing, but unlike his signature Third Man Triplegraph Digital Octave with CopperSound Pedals earlier this year, his custom Telecaster for using with The Raconteurs isn't going to be something we're going to be able to buy. But it's a beautiful, unique electric guitar regardless. 

Jack gave a personal tour of the modified B-Bender Tele at the beginning of the year (it's only recently been uploaded to YouTube) and features cameo appearances from bandmates Jack Lawrence and Brendan Benson). But the video also reveals that the guitar has had two major iterations.

Jack White

(Image credit: Matthew Baker/Getty Images)

The pickups remain unchanged between them; a Lace Sensor in the bridge, P-90 in the middle position and a Tele Thinline pickup (we're assuming this is a Wide Range Humbucker) that was previously on Jack's brother Eddie Gillis's guitar. 

The pickups are selected with a three-position switch. The orange wonder also boasts a kill switch but then things get really interesting; in addition the B Bender there's a G and an E Bender and D-string D'Tuner thanks to a special Hipshot bridge. Then there's a twist…

Jack White

(Image credit: Jack White)

The video then cuts to the latest version of the guitar – all the hardware is now white, the E Bender has gone and the killswitch has been moved. The guitar also has a white Cabronita-style pickguard. 

We can't wait to see if it changes again – or what other wonderful creations White and the Fender Custom Shop might have in store. 

Rob Laing
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