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Is the JZ Microphones Signature BB29 the ideal high-end mic for home studios?

For many producers hunkered down in their home studios, taking their recordings to the next level will require upgrading their microphone of choice.

Choosing one microphone that can cover as many bases as possible is one of the biggest headaches for home studio producers. Something that needs to be both agile and deliver the best results is not always easy to find. 

The JZ Microphones Signature BB29 may just be the perfect answer and it has one thing that can be overlooked when choosing a microphone - character. 

Utilising new core features in the Golden Drop Technology and Transformer coupled output, the BB29 reproduces pristine and airy highs that make it an ideal microphone for not just vocals and podcasting, but also piano, acoustic guitar and strings.

The patented Golden Drop Technology allows for a lighter, faster response and greater precision that helps to deliver even more clarity and helps you to capture a more intimate sound.

Such a high-quality microphone is now even more accessible with JZ Microphones offering 50% off the Signature BB29 at €1,299.00 €649.50. Check out the JZ Microphones website for more information and pre-orders.