Is Milkman's The Amp Stereo the analogue pedal platform you've been waiting for?

Milkman The Amp Stereo
(Image credit: Milkman)

Milkman's 50-watt The Amp in 2018 and higher headroom follow-up The Amp 100 are tube preamp / analogue solid-state power amp pedal platforms with a cab sim that built on the US company's rep for vintage character, with versatility. Now the Amp Stereo wants to widen your horizons further. 

There's no tubes this time – it's an entirely solid state and sees the price go down from the Amp 100 as a result. The concept is a great clean platform that sounds great on its own but will serve your pedals well by plugging into the front end. Including your stereo reverb, delay and modulation pedals.

It's got headphone output too.

Two high-power mono channels or a single stereo channel are offered here. It's in recognition of the amount of stereo effects coming out, but Milkman also wanted to make it easier for players. It's got high headroom with minimal breakup in the preamp but with maximum fidelity, alongside a balanced EQ – with treble and bass for each side left and right. You can then use the various outputs; speaker, headphone and direct – all offer stereo. 

Milkman The Amp Stereo

(Image credit: Milkman)

You get 50-watts for each of these channels in 16 ohms, 100-watts per side at 8 ohms and 200-watts at 4 ohms. You can use different ohm valued speakers at the same time.

The USA-made Amp Stereo's features walnut side panels and its Sum footswitch enables you to combine the inputs together to run out of one cab. The Phase footswitch allows you to correct cabinets that might be out of phase with a single button.  

It's $799 / £799 and available from Milkman direct and  Andertons in the UK

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