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Ibanez’s Fingerstyle Collection acoustics will unleash your creativity

Close-up shot of guitarist playing Ibanez Fingerstyle Collection acoustic guitar

If you’re serious about taking your acoustic performance to the next level, Ibanez’s Fingerstyle Collection models are the guitars to get you there.

Featuring meticulous attention to detail, the Fingerstyle Collection is designed to cover a wide range of playing styles, from traditional fingerpicking to cutting-edge percussive playing.

A five-piece mahogany/pau ferro, thin C-shaped neck is key to the guitars’ superior playing feel, boasting increased stability, as well as a deep, round neck heel for more comfortable playing in higher registers.

Tonal integrity is ensured via a dual pickup system, which features a T-bar under-saddle pickup for natural piezo sound, paired with a block contact pickup positioned on the neck block - that means it’s resistant to feedback and captures percussive sounds and a brighter tonality.

Ibanez’s DP1 preamp amplifies the sound, and offers the ability to blend both pickups, while dual outputs mean players can send the signals to different sources - you can hear this in action in the video above.

Other winning features include a smooth-playing ebony fingerboard and bridge, unbleached oil-impregnated nut and saddle for improved tuning stability, precise Gotoh SG301 machineheads and an attractive Open Pore finish on the solid alpine spruce top, which is teamed with solid pau ferro back and sides.

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Ibanez AWFS580CE acoustic guitar

Ibanez ACFS580CE
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Ibanez ACFS580CE acoustic guitar

Ibanez AWFS580CE

Two models are available in the series: the ACFS580CE, which features a slightly downsized dreadnought body, and AWFS580CE, which boasts a deeper-than-standard Grand Concert body.

These top-spec features all add up to an acoustic guitar collection that will unleash your creativity.

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