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Here’s how two Novation Peaks combined to create the theme from... Twin Peaks

Last time out, we told you to break out of your strict productivity box and devote some of your studio time to wild experimentation. ‘Creating a track doesn’t always have to be the end goal’, we said.

Contrary types that we are, now we’re going to suggest the opposite: there are times when making music has to mean creating a track that either satisfies you musically or is something that people will want to listen to.

With all the hardware and software tools that we have at our disposal, you’d think that this would be easy. Today’s producers have access to many more sounds and studio trickery than their predecessors, so why wouldn’t it be?

The simple answer is that, with so many options available to us, it’s getting more difficult than ever to focus, but if you set yourself a specific task and knuckle down, getting the results you want is possible.

If you don’t believe us, check out the video above, which features ann annie utilising not one but two Novation Peak synths to recreate Laura Palmer’s Theme from the iconic TV series Twin Peaks (you can see what he’s done there, can’t you?)

Success depended on ann thinking about the synths as a means to an end; rather than getting distracted by all of their many features, he did what he needed to do to get the results that he wanted. And, ultimately, isn’t what the relationship between you and your gear should be about? A clear goal facilitated by a concise and intuitive workflow.

Of course, ann’s life could have been made even easier if he’d had the power of those two Peak synths in one instrument. But that, dear friends, is a whole other story...