Explore the outer limits of sound design in Novation’s Hack series

There’s nothing wrong with going into the studio with the aim of ‘making a track’. In fact, you often need to really set you mind to the task in order to complete it. However, don’t think that all your studio time needs to be spent focusing on an end goal, because sometimes, the best ideas come when you’re not really trying to ‘produce’ at all.

Exploration and experimentation are the watchwords of Novation’s Hack series of videos, which showcase how you can take some of the sonic roads less travelled using its Peak and Circuit Mono Station synths.

In the video above, -CALC- shows you how Peak’s third oscillator can be used as a strange LFO control for the filter using one of the available wavetables. He also delves into the modulation matrix, bringing the chorus and delay effects into play to create a massive self-generating patch.

As you might have gathered, the Hack series isn’t about giving you a manual to work to - it’s about diving deeper into the capabilities of Novation’s synths and demonstrating exciting new ways to use them. These are the creative strategies that the product designers perhaps didn’t even consider, and you’re encouraged to take inspiration and come up with your own.

What’s more, while Novation’s instruments work great in isolation, there’s even more fun to be had when you bring some other gear to the party, too. This is when the sound design can start to get truly esoteric, with strange noises, burbling effects and soundscapes being the order of the day.

So, the next time you’re suffering from creative block, or just don’t want the pressure of feeling that you have to come up with a song, cut yourself loose and have some fun. Your session might end up being more productive than you thought it would be, but the trick is to enjoy the journey without considering the destination.

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