Heavier7Strings makes it easy for anyone to create heavy rock guitar parts

You might not be a virtuoso heavy rock guitarist - let’s face it, very few people are - but thanks to Three-Body Tech’s Heavier7Strings instrument, now you can sound like one.

This is a sample-based plugin that’s designed for anyone who wants to create rock or metal music within their DAW. Not only does it offer a detailed set of samples of a 7-string electric guitar, but it also features a set of perfectly-tuned effects. Plus, you can play it like it’s a real instrument, though a ‘guitar face’ is strictly optional.

The core sound is totally clean, but it’s bursting with vintage analogue feel. Round robin sampling means that you get a different sound when notes are played repeatedly, adding to the authenticity, and you can create a convincing doubling effect by having a different guitar playing on the left and right channels. The real-world sampled LFO can deliver authentic vibrato, and 24 hotkeys and a flexible key-mapping system enable you to pull all kinds of real-time performance tricks.

There’s also the THRASH DSP engine (this stands for Tonal/Harmonic Reconstruction and Shaping), which dynamically recoups the formant and produces a refined pitchbend sound that you can use in your squealing solos.

When the time comes to add some of that all-important dirt, you can fire up the fully-equipped effects rack. This features 19 effect modules, 16 amps and 66 cabinet IRs, while 200 presets are included to get you started.

Throw in 200 MIDI patterns and you have a complete rock guitar solution, and one that can be used by both beginners and pros. What’s more, Heavier7Strings just keeps getting better: recent updates have added adjustable palm-muting pressure, automatic switching between different fret positions, chord names on the GUI, and adjustable GUI size and brightness.

If you want to find out what Heavier7Strings can do for you, head over to the Three-Body Tech website and download a demo for PC or Mac. Now’s a great time to buy it, too, as it’s on sale at $199 (regular price is $249) until the end of the year.