Harley Benton demos three more of its new double guitar effects pedals

Harley Benton Double Pedals
(Image credit: Harley Benton)

Our review of the Harley Benton Surgar & Spice reverb and echo / chorus pedal left us looking forwards to trying out more from its new Double Pedal range, pairing effects in one handy unit. And now we have the chance to hear previews of three others thanks to Harley Benton's demo guitarist extraordinaire Benedikt.

Overdrive gets the focus here with the the Good Cop / Bad Cop overdrive, Two Face tremolo / overdrive and Tag Team overdrive offering different approaches, as Benedikt explores their features.

You can also check out a run-through of the Double Vision Chorus / Tremolo, aforementioned Sugar & Spice and Split Screen Reverb / Tremolo below. 

You can check out the full Double Pedal range over at Harley Benton, and we'll be reviewing more of them soon

Harley Benton Sugar & Spice reverb and echo / chorus pedal review

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