Harley Benton's DNAfx GiT Multi-FX promises stunning bang-for-buck

(Image credit: Harley Benton)

Harley Benton, Thomann's in-house guitar brand, is fast establishing a reputation for value, treading on more expensive brand's toes with for-the-price over-specced gear across the board.

Now, it seems to have the likes of Mooer - themselves a disruptive force - in its sights, with the new Harley Benton DNAfx GiT looking like it'll go to head-to-head with the well-reviewed Mooer GE150, albeit at an even lower price point. For just £128/€139/$140, the unit certainly offers a chunky spec. 

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(Image credit: Harley Benton)

The headlines, then. Onboard are 55 non-linear amp models, 26 IRs derived from modern and classic cabs, plus 151 effects, covering compressors, EQs, modulation, wah, pitch, delays, reverbs and more.

You can run up to 9 of these at any one time, while the built-in expression pedal can be assigned to parameters for real-time adjustment.

But wait, there's more, with a 40-pattern drum machine and 80-second phrase looper, and everything can be safely tucked away in up to 200 saved patches.

We'll be putting one through the MusicRadar demo and review wringer as soon as possible - stay tuned to see if it delivers.

(Image credit: Harley Benton)

• 55 classic & modern non-linear guitar AMP models
• 26 IR classic & modern guitar speaker cabinet model simulations
• 151 different built-in classic & modern guitar effects
• Up to 9 types of effects simultaneously
• Integrated expression
• Up to 200 store and recall preset patches
• Tap tempo function
• 80 second phrase looper
• Drum machine w/40 drum patterns & 10 metronome rhythms
• LED chromatic tuner (435-445hz)
• USB connectivity for PC/MAC editing
• Outputs are programmable for integration with live & studio setups
• Headphone output and aux input
• OTG function supports smart phone & tablet software for direct audio/video recording & live streaming
• Big easy read LED color display
• Aluminum housing

For more info, head to Harley Benton

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