Has Harley Benton just raised the bar for acoustic guitar value with the CL-15 series?

Harley Benton
(Image credit: Harley Benton)

Acoustic guitar value just keeps getting better – and Harley Benton might be setting a new benchmark for it here with a four-model range added to its Custom Line with spec including solid mahogany back and sides, bone nut and saddle. Plus Fishman Presys II preamp systems on the three electro acoustic models.

And you won't believe the prices! 

Harley Benton

CLA-15M (Image credit: Harley Benton)

The range encompasses the CLD-15MCE electro dreadnought, electro CLA-15MCE auditorium and non-electro CLA-15M auditorium plus electro CLP-15ME parlor guitar.

Harley Benton

CLA-15MCE (Image credit: Harley Benton)

These guitars have a timeless vintage look with their natural satin mahogany tops, backs and sides. The deluxe antique-style copper coloured open back tuners help too. Shared traits included pau ferro fingerboards and oval C neck profiles.

Harley Benton

CLD-15MCE (Image credit: Harley Benton)

The CLP-15ME parlor has 24.7" scale and slotted headstock with 18 frets while the other three models are 25.3" with 20 frets. 

Harley Benton

CLP-15ME (Image credit: Harley Benton)

So far, so impressive and we've been impressed with the peformance of the Fishman Presys II system on other guitars we've tried. So what about the prices? Well, as is often the case with Harley Benton - they're eyebrow raisers!

CLP-15ME parlor electro: €306 / £315.60 (inc VAT) buy at Thomann

CLA-15M auditorium non-electro: €254 / £261.60 (inc VAT) buy at Thomann 

CLA-15MCE auditorium cutaway electro: €306 / £315.60 (inc VAT) buy at Thomann

CLD-15MCE dreadnought cutaway electro: €306 / £315.60 (inc VAT) buy at Thomann

Check out the full Custom Line of acoustic guitars over at Harley Benton

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