What's the best high-end guitar in the world today?

Make your voice heard in the latest MusicRadar poll
Make your voice heard in the latest MusicRadar poll...

Would you rather strap on a Strat or an SG? Prefer a Les Paul to a Custom 22? Or maybe you'd take a Wolfgang over them all?

In our latest poll, we want to find out what you rate as the best high-end (that's over £1000/$1500) electric on the market . There's a lot of choice out there, and if you've saved a chunk of cash to spend on a new guitar it can be almost overwhelming.

So we've collated your nominations with some ideas of our own, and now it's time to find out what MusicRadar readers deem the cream of the current guitar crop.

Let us know which model gets your vote below, and don't forget that you can enter any guitar you like if it's not already on the list below. The polls are open, so get voting...