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What the fugue? Keeley Electronics' Hooke Reverb pedal delivers organ reverb tones

Organ has entered guitarists' lexicon in a big way over the past year or so, thanks to the increasing popularity of polyphonic pitch-shifters, Electro-Harmonix's Organ Machines and now, Keeley's new Hooke Reverb reverb pedal, which packs a Fugue mode for organ-esque ambience.

Three modes are on offer: classic spring, 'blackface'-style trem and verb, and the aforementioned Fugue, which adds high and low octaves to the reverb sound.

However, take the back panel off the pedal, flick the onboard bank switch, and three more sounds are available: long decay trem and verb (for single-coil guitars and long decay), spring-plate (which allows you to blend between the two) and vibro-spring (spring combined with pitch vibrato).

All are controlled via tone, spring (for looser or tighter springs), reverb, and level controls, but more patch-specific controls are also available, such as upper and lower octave, rate and depth.

Sounds neat. The Hooke Reverb is available now for £149/$179.