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VOX announces AC4C1-12 Custom Series guitar amp

VOX has unveiled the catchily-named AC4C1-12 guitar amp, a new version of the AC4 that features a 12-inch Celestion speaker.

This larger speaker - previous models came with a 10-incher - is said to deliver even more robust sound levels, while the diamond grille cloth and basket-weave vinyl exterior looks instantly familiar.

Designed for practising, performing and recording, the AC4C1-12 will be available in August priced at £312. You can find out more on the VOX website.

VOX AC4C1-12 highlights

  • All-tube mini combo amp
  • Legendary Top Boost tone inherited from the VOX AC30
  • Gain, Bass, Treble, and Master Volume controls
  • 4-Watt Class A amplifier design
  • 12AX7 preamp tubes (x2); EL84 power tube (x1)
  • 12" Celestion VX12 speaker; retro Bakelite handle