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VIDEO: The secrets of the Fender Custom Shop

(Image credit: Joe Branston/Future PLC)
  • The Fender Custom Shop's Mike Eldred and Master Builder Dale Wilson interviewed
  • The ethos and history of the Custom Shop examined
  • The story of the Custom Shop's wildest creation: Scott Buehl's 'Splato-caster'
  • What's the difference between a Master Built and Team Built instrument?
  • What does it take to be a Master Builder?

MusicRadar was recently lucky enough to attend a very special Fender Custom Shop event in Bath, hosted by Guitarist magazine and Coda Music.

As well as featuring fascinating insights from Custom Shop mainman Mike Eldred and Master Builder Dale Wilson, the collection of beautiful Fender Custom Shop instruments on display was truly astonishing. Check out the clip above to see our in-depth interviews with Mike and Dale.