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VIDEO: meet Lullatone, makers of minimalist music for kids

Gon on, pop it!
Gon on, pop it!

For music-loving parents, being forced to listen to The Russian Children's Choir Of St Petersburg singing Mary Had A Little Lamb - on a loop, in the car, everyday - is torture. Lullatone, an "art, music and good ideas group", are trying to change all that by creating playfully minimalist tunes for kids which even adults can (kind of) enjoy.

Lullatone's latest video project, Experiments Around The House, shows what can happen when you fire elastic bands at toy drums, roll balls down a glockenspiel or allow the ticking arm of a metronome to continually hit a cymbal.

All soundtracked to a song called Walking On The Sidewalk from the group's latest album, Elevator Music.

(Via: Wired)