VIDEO: make your own bacon guitar!

The perfect guitar for Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
The perfect guitar for Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

We've had guitars made from cigar boxes, gas cans, game consoles, satellite dishes - you name it. But a bacon guitar? That takes the cake. No, that's not quite right... But you know what we mean - that's pretty out there!

Which means right up our alley, really. Yes, folks, behold the bacon guitar. It used to be your garden-variety, nylon-string model, but thanks to some scissors, ingenuity and a whole mess o' cured meat - and in this case, we're talkin' bacon - it's positively smokin'! Well, the meat is smoked... Again, you know what we mean.

The above video, created by the designer of the bacon guitar, gives you simple yet detailed instructions as to how you can build your own such model. And there's even a tune, Bacon Loves Blues, which might sound good on any axe, but only a pork-covered beauty can render its thick, deep tones
with just the right amount of fat.

Should you decide to fashion your own bacon guitar, MusicRadar advises you to do so under cool climate conditions - warm weather will cause the meat to sweat, thus drawing flies - and in a safe area away from dogs and other meat-eating animals.

Joe Bosso

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