VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: See Joe Satriani perform Flying In A Blue Dream live

Want to know how to play Joe Satriani's Flying In A Blue Dream? You might get some pointers here
Want to know how to play Joe Satriani's Flying In A Blue Dream? You might get some pointers here

It's one of his most-famous and best-loved songs, and in this video exclusive, you can watch an intimate performance of Joe Satriani playing Flying In A Blue Dream from At: Guitar Center With Nic Harcourt.

In the video, Satriani explains the origins of the song, which came about while he was working on the vocal track Big Bad Moon. Wanting to get away from, as he calls it, the "bonehead boogie approach," he imagined himself as a child and dreaming of flying, and thus he created the transfixing Flying In A Blue Dream, the title track to his 1989 solo album.

2012 has been a busy year for Satch. This past spring, he took his G3 extravaganza (featuring himself, Steve Vai and Steve Lukather) to Australia and New Zealand. After that came a sold-out US tour with Chickenfoot.

Next month, Satriani heads out on a European G3 tour with Steve Vai and Steve Morse. Then in October, G3 hits South America with the lineup of Satriani, John Petrucci and Morse.

At: Guitar Center With Nic Harcourt is a podcast series that that delivers unique music, and the stories behind it as told to host, Nic Harcourt. The series features both exclusive performance videos and audio podcasts of these interviews that aim to tell the stories of the artists, their background, their music and more.

The full interview with Joe Satriani is available in an audio podcast here.

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