VIDEO: Andy Timmons talks signature Ibanez AT10P

Check out the video above to see Andy Timmons discuss his new Ibanez signature guitar, the AT10P, and run through some of the tones available.

The new model is a slightly pared-down (i.e. affordable) version of Andy's existing high-end AT100CL signature - itself based on an Ibanez AT100 that he has owned since 1994.

It features an alder body with a maple neck and fretboard (the neck also contains KTS Titanium rods) and frets are dressed with Ibanez's Premium edge treatment. In Andy's words, when it came to the neck, he "couldn't believe how right they got it".

The key difference between Andy's original and the new AT10P is that the latter is part of the Premium range, which means it has been built in the firm's Indonesian factory. There are also a few hardware differences, primarily a Wilkinson WV6-SB bridge, as opposed to the Wilkinson-Gotoh VSVG bridge on the AT100CL.

That said, the HSS pickup configuration still includes DiMarzio The Cruiser rail-style single-coils in the neck and middle positions and then Timmons' signature DiMarzio AT-1 humbucker at the bridge, not to mention a five-position pickup selector.

Of course a lower price is the aim of the game here and Ibanez has certainly succeeded on that account - where the original AT100CL still retails at about £1,899 (street), the new model will cost about half that amount.

Matthew Parker

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