U2's label leaked No Line On The Horizon

It's out there. Hear it on MySpace now
It's out there. Hear it on MySpace now

When we reported you some ways U2 could have prevented No Line On The Horizon from making its way onto the Internet, we didn't think we'd have to consider the obvious: Make Sure Your Label Doesn't Leak It.

As it turns out, the leak has been traced to Universal Music Group's Australian arm, which was offering high-quality downloads for purchase from their digital music site Getmusic.au. A-ha!

A huge mistake, for sure, and one which wasn't caught for a few hours - enough time for the album to be all over the Internet.

Undoubtedly, U2 weren't thrilled by the gaffe, but they've turned a negative into a positive by streaming the entire record on their MySpace page.

By the way, we've heard from some readers who have had problems accessing the tracks on U2's MySpace page. Check out the image below:

On the left, you'll see thumbnails of U2 album and single covers. Click on the No Line On The Horizon thumb and the playlist will come up, as shown. But NOT if your IP address is in the UK.

For everyone else? Have a listen and read MusicRadar's exclusive track-by-track review and blog on the album. Then let us know what you think.

Joe Bosso

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