Two new Alexi Laiho instructional DVDs from Rock House

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I will make you fast

I will make you fast...

Alexi Laiho Metal Guitar instructional DVD

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 and even faster

...and even faster!

Alexi Laiho Metal Guitar instructional DVD

It takes a special kind of guitarist to fill up not just one but two instructional DVDs. It takes an extraordinary one to make them exciting and inspiring. We're talking about Alexi Laiho here.

On Metal Guitar, Melodic Speed, Shred & Heavy Riffs, Levels 1 and 2, the Children of Bodom guitarist lays it all out. In Level 1, students will learn the single-note riffs Alexi uses to create songs and the favorite scales he uses for his signature melodic and shredding leads. Alexi also shares his personal tricks for speed, sweep picking, pivoting and pick harmonics. He reveals the chord voicings he uses to create his powerful guitar progressions and boatloads more.

In Level 2, Alexi encourages students to push the limits of speed and technique by walking step-by-step through many of his leads, especially ones incorporating five and six-string arpeggios, string skipping arpeggios, chromatic scale patters and more.

It's a lot of information to take in, and that's why it's spread out on two DVDs. Each disc retails for $24.99 US. To order, call 1-800-431-7187. For more information, visit the official Rock House website.