Total Guitar 260 on sale now: Slipknot's Jim Root and Mick Thomson

Total Guitar issue 260 is on sale from today

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Cover feature: Slipknot
In TG 260, we catch up with Slipknot's Jim Root and Mick Thomson to find out about the writing and recording of '.5: The Gray Chapter'. As well as this, we show you how to play the riff from 'The Negative One', plus thanks to FRET12, you'll find exclusive video and tab lessons with Jim Root. Finally, in association with FRET12, we're giving away one of Jim's own signature Fender Telecasters - used to record parts on the new album!

Also inside:


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Post-rock Round Table
We gather the guitarists from Maybeshewill, This Will Destroy You and Russian Circles totalk tone, effects and life without vocalists


Play like Paul Gilbert
The shred master's technique explained!

Pinched harmonic workout
Make your guitar squeal!

How to: Mic your guitar amp


Orange Guitar Pack
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Fender Modern Player Short Scale Telecaster
Stones tones scaled-down on a budget!

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