The Mahaffay AW99 Triple Output guitar amp from Songworks Systems

Anything goes with this baby
Anything goes with this baby

With the new Mahaffay AW99 Triple Output guitar amplifier, Songworks Systems is looking to put a new spin on things.

What we have here are three separate independent power amp output stages, with a volume control for each, with line level effects loops too. Each ouput is rated at 33 watts. A user can run three cabinets or varying sets like 2 x 12s, 2 x 10s or any combination set of speakers powered up all off the same amp. Left and right cabs, stereo, and center dry - anything goes.

Here's some specs:

One Ecc82 tube - hand-wired
One Ecc83 tube - hand-wired
No power tubes to ever replace or bias
Rated at 33 watts x 3
Clean, dependable quasi solid-state power amp (4-16 ohms)
Three effect loops for line level effects
Size: 26 x 10 x 9inches
Super lightweight at only 20lbs.

All Mahaffay AW99 Amps are hand-made per order one at a time and have list price $1,195.00US. For more information, visit the official Songworks Systems website.