The Killers strip down for album three

Guitarist Dave Keuning (far right) takes the stripping down a step too far
Guitarist Dave Keuning (far right) takes the stripping down a step too far

The Killers have revealed that their forthcoming third LP is set to be a more stripped down affair than 2006's stadium-friendly concept album Sam's Town.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, bassist Mark Stoermer explained: "This record is stripped down in a lot of ways. Each instrument has its place, and things aren't clouding anything up. We're not trying to be bombastic. It's our most poppy record but also our most experimental."

The album, rumoured to be entitled Day And Age, was produced by Madonna collaborator Stuart Price and features the pick of a mammoth three-month writing stint by frontman Brandon Flowers, during which he penned around 30 new songs.

"Everything is at stake on this album," says Flowers. "Everything. I live through these songs. People make such a big deal about the second album but I feel like the pressure to produce something great will always be there.

"It's our job, after all. We learned that you can't please everyone, but we've got faith in what we do, faith in our fans and faith in the soon-to-be-converted."

"Everything is at stake on this album, but we've got faith in what we do."

Songs slated for inclusion include Spaceman (presumably not a Babylon Zoo cover), Vibration and Neon Tiger.

Neon Tiger was previewed at a recent surprise New York club show, and you can listen to it here.

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