The end for Queen + Paul Rodgers?

Queen + Paul Rodgers: over?
Queen + Paul Rodgers: over?

Paul Rodgers says he's "done" with Queen's Brian May and Roger Taylor.

In a reprint of a VH1 Classic Radio interview with the singer, printed on Brian May's official website, Rogers says: "We did a world tour, we did a second tour of Europe and the Far East and Eastern Europe and a studio album (The Cosmos Rocks) and I think we're kind of leaving it there gently."

He adds: "It's out there for us to do things in the future if there's something - a huge charity say like Nelson Mandela - but I think we are pretty much done."

Q+PR's only album was The Cosmos Rocks in 2008, though sales are known to be disappointing even though the band played live to just short of a million people. The band's latest release is a CD/DVD, titled Queen + Paul Rodgers Live In Ukraine, which is released on 15 June.

Bad Company reforming

Rodgers has yet to make a formal announcement regarding any long-term plans. But the singer undertakes a 10-date tour of the US with Bad Company - featuring original guitarist Mick Ralphs and drummer Simon Kirke - in June and July 2009.

Although Rodgers' words are quoted on Brian May's own site, the guitarist makes no comment. May has recently been in Italy to audition singers for the latest international production of the Queen musical, We Will Rock You.