The Creamery unveils Baby '71 Standard Wide Range pickups

Handmade in Manchester
Handmade in Manchester

Check out these Baby '71 Standard Wide Range pickups from Manchester firm The Creamery.

Priced at £85 each, they're essentially a revamped and re-named version of the Wide Range humbuckers that our sister mag Total Guitar raved about in their review back in July last year. The main difference being that they're now available with nickel "The Creamery" logo covers, with bare nickel and aged variants on the way.

All of The Creamery pickups and guitars are hand-made in the UK at the workshop of Manchester luthier and pickup fanatic Jaime Campbell. Check out the full press release below and head to The Creamery official site for more information.

PRESS RELEASE: With a 5-Star / Best Buy review in Total Guitar magazine and used by guitarists such as Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand and Freddie Cowan of The Vaccines, the humbucker-sized Wide Range pickups from The Creamery have undergone a bit of a makeover.

Now available in nickel logo covers, and soon to be available in bare nickel and hand-aged covers, the handwound pickups are made from custom parts, manufactured to my own specifications with thinner baseplates, internal ferrous reflector plates and custom individual threaded magnets.

Now called the Baby '71 Wide Range Humbuckers, they are the standard humbucker-sized version of my larger Classic '71 Wide Range Humbucker Pickups, both styles true to the original '70s design.

The Wide Range sound in a standard Humbucker size

Great clarity and string definition with a bright chime and warmth. Individual threaded pole magnets charged to around 2/3rds capacity allow you to dial in each string. A warmer mid-range than standard single coils and with a higher output, they're great for breaking up an amp.

With a fat bridge tone sounding akin to a "doubled-up" Tele and a neck with a warm, sweet brightness, these Wide Range Humbucker style pickups are a great if you're looking for something more to replace a standard humbucker.

Slightly brighter with a tighter bass response than my full-size Classic '71 Wide Range Humbucker repros due to the slightly narrower coil and lower output. With a sound that's more of a 'Doubled Up' single coil tone, these pickups offer more clarity and definition than a standard humbucker and you can see and hear demos on the site.


Magnets: Individual Threaded
Coil Wire: 42AWG
Lead Wire: Vintage Braided or Modern 4-Way for coil splitting
Bridge Output: 8.7k
Neck Output: 7.6k

Information taken from official press release, for more visit The Creamery

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