The biggest gig fees ever

Robbie Williams is reportedly turning down a £1.5 million gig fee
Robbie Williams is reportedly turning down a £1.5 million gig fee

In reports guaranteed to infuriate every hard-working part-time musician, Robbie Williams has been offered an astonishing £1.5 million to play a half-hour concert - but he is planning to turn it down.

The British singer has been offered £50,000 a minute to headline a music festival in Norway, but he is unsure whether to accept as he has vowed to give up touring.

A friend of Williams is reported as saying: "It would probably be the easiest money he'll make in his life but it's touch and go whether he'll say yes. We'll have to wait and see."

The 34-year-old recently posted a blog message saying he has no wish to return to live shows because his last tour "nearly killed" him. He wrote: "The more time I'm spending away from public life, the more I like it."

Despite the massive offer, Williams is not the only artist who commands preposterous fees, especially for private shows.

The biggest gig fees ever
According to industry rumour, the biggest gig fees commanded by current acts are:

- The Rolling Stones reportedly charge £4 million (US $8 million) per show, making them the most expensive music act in the world.

- The Eagles come a close second, charging £3.75 million ($7.5 million).

- Celine Dion allegedly demands almost $7 million for a private show. We don't know if that includes the worst cover version ever.

- Sir Elton John asked one British multi-millionaire to pay him £1 million (US $2 million) to play at his wedding reception. And he's reportedly set for a $5.2 million payday in Russia this autumn.

- 50 Cent demands £250,000 (US $500,000) to perform at a private party. 'Fiddy' told Blender magazine: "The last bar mitzvah I booked, I got paid half a million for 30 minutes. That's not a fixed rate, but it's in the ballpark."

- Amy Winehouse was recently reported to get US $2 million for a private show in Moscow for the girlfriend of billionaire Roman Abramovich.

- Beyoncé Knowles is cheap-ish at just £650,000 (US $1.3 million).

- And Aerosmith will entertain you for £550,000 (US $1.1 million).

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