The best of YouTube: #8

Yoko Ono adds her two pennies worth
Yoko Ono adds her two pennies worth

Every week MusicRadar trawls YouTube to bring you the greatest, funniest, weirdest and most interesting music clips and videos on the internet. This eighth installment of our weekly round-up contains everything from stunning slide guitar to classic drum machines and… Phil Collins.


1. Ben Harper tears it up on lap steel
That must be a go-faster headband he´s wearing.

2. Ridiculous solo guitar
This man has 10 strings on his guitar, no loops, no overdubs. Ridiculous and impressive at the same time

3. Dave Mustaine plays his own song on Guitar Hero
Megadeth main main Dave Mustaine proves that there´s virtually no link between skill on guitar hero and the real thing by messing his own song up.

4. John Lennon and Chuck Berry…oh and Yoko
Considering this video features two music legends, it´s a criminally under-viewed clip. That's maybe because Yoko Ono decides to ‘improve´ the track by adding some carefully considered backing vocals.

5. Bob Brozman´s Highway 49 Blues
More impressive slide from the American roots guitar maestro. A bow tie isn´t very ‘downhome´ though, is it?


1. More iPhone music
Via Synthtopia, a relaxing number called Smoky Bubbles from the iPhone band. It was created using a variety of iPhone music applications.

2. Sly Stone´s drum machine
The Maestro Rhythm King MRK-2 was used on the funk master´s seminal There´s a Riot Goin´ On album. See it in action.

3. The studio process
American Producer/singer Ryan Leslie released a video that showed him ‘at work´, then Canadian producer/musician Gonzales delivered this parody. We know which we prefer…

4. The multi-talented music system
From 1985, an advert for the Amstrad hi-fi system that was also a 4-track recording studio. We´re not sure it was this that made Sir Alan Sugar his millions.

5. BeatBearing
Ever wanted to use ball bearings to program your drums? This ‘tangible sequencer´ enables you to live out your dreams.


1. Phil Collins drum duet with Chester Thompson
If Collins really is retiring, then there´ll be no more of this. Is that good or bad?

2. Buddy Rich vs Gene Krupa
Two legends of jazz drumming go head-to-head in the ‘60s. Old school, but impressive nonetheless

3. How drum sticks are made
They´re not just big twigs you know!

4. Steve Smith doesn´t need a drum kit
Just a set of hi-hats is enough to keep him and his audience amused.

5. Akira Jimbo plays James Bond
Well, Jimbo´s the right name if someone´s going to do it.

Still bored? You won´t be after you´ve experienced the awesome spectacle of Joe Pesci rapping. MusicRadar is speechless.

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