The best of YouTube: #24

This could happen to you if you play air guitar...
This could happen to you if you play air guitar...

Every week, we, the MusicRadar team, submit our own personal favourite music videos and clips on the net. Some clips we really like, others are simply comedy classics or oddly intriguing. But all are worth watching…

Joe Bosso's choices

Rock Hard Air Guitar 2007 NYC
"He calls himself Rock Hard, and during the 2007 US Air Guitar Regional Championships in NY, he almost blows his package off (it occurs at 37 seconds in). Should this have happened, a name change would definitely be in order." JB

Fleetwood Mac - I'm So Afraid Live in Boston 2003
"In honor of our upcoming interview with Lindsey Buckingham, we present this masterpiece. Face it: When you can play a solo (it starts at 4:29) this spine-rattling and cathartic with just your fingers - no pick needed - one that brings the crowd to its feet, you know you've got it! Behold some real genius, folks." JB

Michael Leonard's choices

Honeyboy Edwards plays the delta blues
"David 'Honeyboy' Edwards was the last musician to play with the spectre-like Robert Johnson, on the night Johnson died in 1938. He's 93 now (hell, he's 89 in this clip) and Honeyboy still plays live. The last living original delta bluesman." ML

Oasis in 1994
"They're back with an impressive album Dig Out Your Soul (track-by-track review), but here they are back in 1994 covering The Beatles' I Am The Walrus. They closed their set with it yesterday, too." ML

Thomas Porter's choices

Pixies - Wave Of Mutilation
"The band that Nirvana wanted to be. There are two versions of this song: the slow one (UK Surf) and the fast one (album version). Live, they've been known to play both back-to-back. I've seen it, and I haven't washed my eyes, or ears, since." TP

Ryan Adams doing Wonderwall
"Noel Gallagher likes this version so much he's practically copied it, tone-for-tone, when playing live (see it, believe it). Can't really blame him though, he must be fookin' sick of playing the old one." TP

Ben Rogerson's choices

Hot Chip on Ableton Live
"If you like UK-devised electropop and state-of-the-art music software, you'll probably like watching this." BR

Kid Beyond's loop-based Live show
"The US beatboxer uses Ableton's software in a slightly different way…" BR

Chris Vinnicombe's choices

Guns N' Roses play Welcome To The Jungle at the New York Ritz in 1988
"Forget about the preposterously-delayed Chinese Democracy and soak up the classic GN'R line-up at their lean and dangerous best." CV

Glasvegas perform Geraldine
"Check out Britain's most talked-about new band and their anthemic blend of the The Jesus And Mary Chain, Phil Spector and The Clash. If you like that then this acoustic version is also compulsory viewing." CV

Chris Wickett's choices

Lykke Li and friends 'busk' I'm Good, I'm Gone
"This clip of Swedish singer-songwriter Lykke Li playing live has got everything: walkmans, megaphones, guitars, accordions - there's even a largely irrelevant performance from Li's compatriot Robyn." CW

Ridiculous music: Camille live on Later
"I don't use ridiculous as a derogative term whatsoever here - there's just no other word for it. Highlights for me are when the avant-garde chanteuse draws on her own face at 0:50, has her pianist drum on her back at 1:50, and when, at 2:23, she starts singing like a monkey." CW

Still bored?

Behold the comedy faux-Dutch acccent of ex-England football manager Steve McClaren, at his new job with Holland's FC Twente. Schmart? Not at all.


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