The best of YouTube: #10

A synth made of cardboard
A synth made of cardboard

Every week MusicRadar trawls YouTube to bring you the greatest, funniest, weirdest and most interesting music clips and videos on the internet. This tenth edition of our weekly video best contains everything from Seasick Steve to Sooty and Sweep.


1. Seasick Steve playing Cut My Wings live
Is this man the best raw blues guitarist in the world today?

2. Keith Richards jams with The Faces at their final concert in 1974
Keith rocks out alongside his soon-to-be bandmate Ronnie Wood.

3. Two Gallants live and acoustic
The alt-folk duo get unplugged and intimate in France.

4. Van Halen´s Michael Anthony takes a drunken bass solo
Don´t mix your drinks, especially not with a large stadium and a bass guitar through a delay pedal.

5. John Patitucci plays James Jamerson
Can white guys groove on the bass? The answer is yes, especially if they copy a Motown legend.


1. Daptone Records Studio tour
Find out how they create their classic soul sound and see the sofa that Amy Winehouse sat on.

2. Peter Gabriel and his Fairlight CMI
See the ex-Genesis man demoing the Fairlight´s sampling capabilities in 1982. TV and windscreen smashing included.

3. Bjork at work
The Impish Icelandic star working on material for her Homogenic album.

4. Mini cardboard synths
Check out the work of Dan McPharlin at the LA Modernism exhibit in Santa Monica (via

5. This is Outrageous
For fans of the peerless British TV series Peep Show, a look at the video that Jez made for his bedroom-made, Prodigy-influenced masterpiece (contains strong language).


1. Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden takes on Sooty and Sweep
The famous hand puppets give McBrain a run for his money in this hilarious drum-off.

2. Dave Weckl on the Moeller method
A neat introduction to the enigmatic Moeller method of drumming, presented by all-round drum genius Dave Weckl.

3. JoJo Mayer´s drum ‘n´ bass groove
The man´s got style, and it´s not everyday you see a drum kit on the sidewalk. There´s also a bit of slow-mo thrown in for good measure.

4. Drumstick spinning lessons
Forget rhythm trees and heel-toe bass drum technique; this is what every drummer really needs to know. It´s served up as a trio so take your pick from part one, two, or three.

5. The Tings Tings on Later with Jools Holland
The bright young indie popsters play their drum-led hit That´s Not My Name live.

Still bored? Tim Storms holds the world record for the lowest vocal note for a male. Check out a clip of him singing Amazing Grace with vocal group Rescue.


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