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TC Electronic unveils Sentry Noise Gate guitar pedal

Of all the applications for TC Electronic's TonePrint technology, we never expected noise suppression, but we're pleasantly surprised to see the introduction of the Sentry Noise Gate.

Boasting a multiband noise gate and advanced noise-removal algorithms, the Sentry is able to hone in on specific frequencies, resulting in "the most seamless and organic noise reduction you've ever heard", according to TC.

In addition, a hard-gate mode is also available for more abrupt gating, as well as TonePrint functionality via TC's TonePrint Editor, which allows you to precisely shape the pedal's noise reduction to your guitar rig.

Onboard controls comprise threshold, damp and decay, while the pedal also features a built-in effects loop for more precise noise removal.

The Sentry Noise Gate is available now for £95/$129/€129 - head over to TC Electronic for more.