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Summer NAMM 2016: Boss reissues classic CE-2 Chorus as Waza Craft CE-2W

SUMMER NAMM 2016: Ask a guitarist to name the best chorus pedal of all time, and they'll likely cite Boss's CE-1 Chorus Ensemble or CE-2 Chorus - it's good news, then, that these two classic effects have now been reintroduced as part of Boss's Waza Craft series, adding a host of new features along the way.

The CE-2W packs two modes: standard mode delivers pure CE-2 chorus, albeit bolstered by the addition of stereo outputs, while a CE-1 setting recreates the stereo chorus and vibrato sounds of Boss's 1976 stompbox, adding chorus depth control to boot.

Like both original pedals, this new incarnation boasts all-analogue circuitry with bucket-brigade chips, and it's made in Japan.

The CE-2W will be £189 when it hits stores later this year - and given its heritage, we'd wager it'll be serious in demand.