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Strymon releases DECO tape saturation and doubletracker pedal

In a move that'll get vintage and retro fans scratching their itch for Sun Studio style crunchy tape effects, Strymon has announced the release of the DECO; a stompbox emulation of classic tape sounds.

Spanning saturation, slapback delay and doubling plus modulation effects including flanging and chorus, the DECO aims to give you all the character of vintage tape sounds in a digital emulation.

Split into two' tape decks', one side of the DECO offers tape compression to full overdrive, while the other 'Lag Deck' introduces delays, phase inversion or Wobble for fluttery modulation sounds. An overall Blend control allows you two mix between the levels of the 'Reference Deck' and the secondary 'Lag Deck'.

As well as plenty of control, the DECO is equipped with stereo inputs and outputs - perfect for running other instruments, or even a full mix through the pedal - and an input for an expression pedal (assignable to any function).

The Strymon DECO is available for pre-order, retailing at £279. Check out the videos below to hear how it sounds.