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Roland Micro Cube RX guitar amplifier

Who you callin' little?
Who you callin' little?

You want to stroll down the street, amp in one hand and a Starbucks latte in the other. Hey, who doesn't? Roland has the solution. Not only that, but the amp is sweeter and packs more punch than two lattes with extra espresso.

Small, loud, proud, and in true stereo -- the Roland Micro Cube RX guitar amplifier is quite the overachiever. You won't believe what punch and clarity this amp can deliver. With two specially made power amps and four speakers, the RX guitar amp produces an immersive, stereo sound that must be heard to be believed. The true stereo engine also allows bass tones that defy the size of the cabinet. What's more, the RX offers eight built-in COSM® amps, six digital effects, three-band EQ, and a chromatic tuner.

The Roland Micro Cube can not only make you sound better, it can make you play better. The RX's Rhythm Guide comes is like having a drummer inside your amp. Choose from an assortment of groovin' patterns to practice with. Improve your timing while having a more enjoyable musical experience, or just have fun jamming along to the beats.

The phones/recording output serves two purposes: Plug in a set of headphones and enjoy private practice with lush, stereo sound, or plug directly into a stereo mixer or recording device for accurate signal transfer. The input line lets you plug in a guitar, bass, or microphone. In addition, the stereo AUX input accepts input from an iPod®, a CD player, or musical instrument so you can blend its signal with your own. The Micro Cube RX can run on battery or AC power (AC adaptor included).

Want a bass version of the Micro Cube RX? Roland has that, too.

U.S. list price of the Micro Cube RX is a most reasonable $339.50. Want to hear what it sounds like? Check out this impressive demo.