RATM’s Zach De La Rocha debuts new track

One Day As A Lion's debut track is now online
One Day As A Lion's debut track is now online

MusicRadar previously reported how Rage Against The Machine's Zach De La Rocha has formed a band with Jon Theodore, the former drummer of The Mars Volta.

The duo, calling themselves One Day As A Lion, have now posted a new track on their MySpace page. The track is called Wild International, and will also be the lead track on One Day As A Lion's debut EP, out 21 July.

Although the band is just two-strong, with Zach De La Rocha handling vocals / keyboards and Theodore drumming, the stripped-down combo seems to work, with De La Rocha's vocals are comparable to the more aggressive Rage Against The Machine tracks.

Not all are convinced though: one poster, Kraze, on the Punknews.org forum argues: "Ridiculous, this sounds note for note, word for word exactly how you'd think it would. Is it even possible to have not come further than this in ten years?"

Is he right?

De La Rocha is touring with the reformed Rage Against The Machine through August, but there is no suggestion the reformed band is writing new songs together. RATM's guitarist Tom Morello releases a new album under his Nightwatchman alter-ego in September.