Pixies' Kim Deal: "I don't feel like a rock icon"

Kim Deal doesn't feel like a rock icon, but she is
Kim Deal doesn't feel like a rock icon, but she is (Image credit: Jared Milgrim/Corbis)

With Pixies and The Breeders tours a go for the remainder of 2009, Kim Deal is one busy girl, and at the time of our podcast interview she has fuel on her mind, as in coffee - she needs some, deperately. "It's the only thing that keeps me sane," she says.

The dual-band bassist/guitarist and vocalist is out the door and off to Starbucks, but she's happy to chat away on her cell phone as she seeks a caffeine fix.

"This is probably the craziest time in my whole life," she says, "But that's OK because we're all in a good places - both bands - and that's a first for everybody."

Busy, busy...

"I have to build up my callouses. Playing the guitar in The Breeders is one thing, but for the Pixies I need serious bass-playing fingers" Kim Deal

Deal's August US tour with The Breeders (the band she's run with her guitar-playing sister Kelley, for two decades) is a short and funny one: In the spirit of the roller derby-themed video to their single, Fate To Fatal, the group is inviting local roller derby teams to hand out flyers at their merch table.

After The Breeders' tour wraps, Deal jumps right back into Pixies world. She has one worry, though: "I have to build up my callouses," she says. "Playing the guitar in The Breeders is one thing, but for the Pixies I need serious bass-playing fingers."

The Pixies' US and European tour, which will wrap in late November, shows all signs of being a glittering sold-out victory lap for the beloved and influential alt-rock combo. Deal is excited to "feel the love" from the crowds, but she's intrigued by the fan worship the band receives.

"I don't feel like a rock icon," she says, "but clearly people love what we do. It's great but...I don't know, odd. Why us instead of other bands? That I can't figure out."

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In the podcast below, Kim Deal talks about her Pixies/Breeders activity, the upcoming box set Minotaur, and she sheds some light - sort of - on the endlessly asked question: When are The Pixies going to record some new music? A fun and spirited conversationalist, she's a cannonball.

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