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Palmer launches PCABSW4X cab selector pedal

PRESS RELEASE: The PCABSW4X enables an amplifier to be quickly and easily switched between four different loudspeaker cabinets. This permits a fast, direct comparison of various speakers, without the inconvenience of connecting and disconnecting cables.

This system is primarily used by music stores to demonstrate the sound characteristics obtainable with various speaker types.

The PCABSW4X consists of a footswitch with the control electronics, and a selector unit with the power relays for switching the amplifier output to the speaker cabinets. The two devices are connected with a 5-pin XLR control cable (included), which also powers the cabinet selector from the footswitch.

For problem-free switching, the guitar input signal must be supplied via a loop to the footswitch before proceeding to the amplifier. Switching is precisely controlled by a microprocessor. During switching, the guitar signal is turned off for a few milliseconds, removing the load so that voltage surges cannot damage the amplifier.

The PCABSW4X is powered by its own 15V plug-in power supply. The power supply and a 4.5m control cable are included.

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Palmer

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