Overloud TH3 amp sim adds new models for guitarists and bassists

It's taken a while - its predecessor was introduced in 2011 - but Overloud has finally released an updated version of its TH guitar amp sim plugin.

Predictably enough, TH3 brings new gear pieces to the party, including authorised models of Randall, THD, Brunetti and DVmark amplifiers, cabinets and pedals. For guitars there's a total of 21 new guitar amps and five new cabs, while bassists get three new amps and two new cabs.

The roster of effects has been expanded with 10 new models, while improved DSP is said to deliver more realistic emulations. The interface has been redesigned to be more streamlined, and there are now 1000 presets to chew through (including one bank that's dedicated to bass).

Check out the video above for an overview of what's new, and find out more on the Overloud website. TH3 has a full price of $299/€299, but you can currently purchase it for $199/€199. Upgrades from TH2 can be had for the reduced price of $79/€79 (regular price is $99/€99).

TH3 is available for PC and Mac, and all standard plugin formats are supported.

Ben Rogerson

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