On the radar: Muncie Girls

Censorship is everywhere these days. Whether it's celebrity super-injunctions or 'personal branding' online, it's often easiest to just say nothing. Thank the gods for Exeter three-piece Muncie Girls then.

We're not trying to be controversial. It's just what we're thinking at the time and you take from it what you want

Since vocalist/bassist Lande Hekt and guitarist Dean McMullen met at the age of 13, they've distilled a simpatico relationship, social awareness and Green Day chord book into songwriting that, while not preachy, wears its heart on its sleeve.

Lyrical vignettes

"Lande's lyrics are just what she's been thinking at the time," explains Dean. "We're not trying to write songs to be hits or make the band big, we're just writing the songs that come out and saying how we feel. [Equally] we're not trying to be controversial or change people's opinions. It's just what we're thinking at the time and you take from it what you want."

The formula works because nothing is affected. There's a genuine warmth to Muncie's music and it runs from Lande's unfeigned lyrical vignettes, to Dean's rounded guitar tone.

"We're just a three-piece and it has to fill a big space," explains Dean. "I use a Fender Telecaster Thinline, because I wanted to make the sound warmer. Then I put it through a JCM900 and an Orange cab, which makes it a bit fatter. I really like that combination of the Thinline, the '900 and the Orange cab, I think that's the sound I was looking for."

  • For fans of: Against Me!, Veruca Salt
  • Hear: Respect
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