Official UK Chinese Democracy premiere announced

Guns 2 Roses
Guns 2 Roses

The official UK Chinese Democracy listening party will take place at Madame Jo Jo's in Soho, London on 20 November, a full four days before the album's release. The night was supposed to be a "sleaze rock and metal thrills extravaganza," headlined by GN'R tribute band Guns 2 Roses. It still will be, but with Universal Music in attendance to 'borrow' the event…

Unlike fellow tribute act UK Guns N' Roses, Guns 2 Roses will be incorporating Chinese Democracy tracks into their set-list. And it was on this promise that GN'R's label Universal Music took the opportunity to showcase the album: "It was ironic because we were putting the night across as a chance to hear new Chinese Democracy songs played by us, " Guns 2 Roses frontman and Axl Rose impersonator Gavin Barnard told MusicRadar.

"Universal heard about our night and turned it into an official listening event because we're going to play the new material," he continued.

Chinese Democracy will be played in full at 8pm, followed by bands Raising Sand, Plastic Toys, Jettblack and Guns 2 Roses. Tickets are available here.

Guns n roses

Guns n' roses