New Metallica album: "heavier" yet more "melodic"

Metallica - back in 2008
Metallica - back in 2008

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has spoken about the Metallica's next album, currently being recorded with producer Rik Rubin. Ulrich told that the band's follow-up to 2003's controversial ST Anger will be "heavier" yet more "melodic".

Ulrich said, "Whereas St Anger was an exercise in over-pummeling the listener, these new songs echo some of our stuff from the '80s - long, epic journeys through different musical landscapes, heavier, but a lot more melodic." When asked whether the new songs will be shorter, in the four-to-five minute range, Ulrich added, "Well, the most of the intros are four to five minutes. I don't know - Metallica and short songs just don't go that well together."

None of the songs nor the album have an official title yet, but Ulrich explained that some of the "silly" working titles included German Soup, Glass Cow and Black Squirrel. The names "relate to where the idea came from - like Glasgow, Scotland, became Glass Cow. And when we don't have anything clever to call it, we just call it a number."

The album is expected to be released in February 2008.

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