Neil Young's new song and video, Fork In The Road

Neil Young - he keeps coming back with the goods
Neil Young - he keeps coming back with the goods

You gotta love Neil Young. When other rockers his age are dusting off their dozen hits for big-money dates, ol' Neil fires up a brand-new song like Fork In The Road, and it's the best damn thing he's done in years.

Over a chugging Bo Diddley beat and a gritty guitar riff,Young delivers his version of the State Of The Union. It's not pretty, but what's surprising is, it's pretty funny:

"Got a pot belly/ it's not too big/ gets in my way/ when I'm drivin' my rig
My friend has a pickup/ drives his kids to school/ he takes his wife to beauty school
I got hope/ but you can't eat hope/ I'm not done/ I'm not givin' up
I'm a big rock star/ my sales have tanked/ but I still got you/ thanks"

The video is about as subtle as a trainwreck. Wearing a "Tube Amp Repair" t-shirt and eating an apple (with earphones plugged into it - get it?), he sings about a world gone haywire while in the background, repo men are hauling his flat screen TV away.

Oh, and he plays some mean-ass air guitar too. Like we said, you gotta love him.

It's been confirmed that Fork In The Road is the title track of Young's forthcoming album. If this is any indication of the rest of the record, we're there. Check out the video!

Joe Bosso

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