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NAMM 2016: TC solves long cable run woes with BonaFide Buffer

NAMM 2016: Bonafide Buffer, from Danish wizards TC Electronic, aims to solve soggy tonal problems that can be caused by adding multiple effects and therefore relatively lengthy cable runs.

By transforming your guitar's high impedance output into low impedance, this processor will apparently salvage your compromised tone.

We'll let you know how Bonafide Buffer actually performs when we get a unit into our test lab. In the meantime, read on for more info.

PRESS RELEASE: BonaFide Buffer is an extremely high-quality, 100% analog buffer that's set to free musician's of the tone-sucking constraints put upon them by massive effects chains and long cable-runs.


  • High-quality analog buffer
  • Run long cables without any signal degradation
  • Power failure mode - Automatically switches to true bypass if power gets cut
  • Ultra-compact design

BonaFide Buffer has everything that makes a great buffer. It offers a whooping 1M ohm input resistance and a 1K output resistance, so the instrument signal can flow untroubled through the entire signal chain. All of this signal strength is applied without adding any unwanted noise, leaving musicians with that crisp, clear and unaltered tone they would get by plugging straight into an amp.

But of course TC Electronic can't release anything without putting an extra cool and innovative twist on it, and BonaFide Buffer is no exception. Hence, TC have added an intelligent relay system that automatically switches the pedal from buffered to true bypass if power should somehow get cut in the heat of the moment, so musicians will never loss their signal.

All of this is housed in one of TC Electronic's classy mini enclosures, which makes the buffer fit on or under any pedalboard out there.