NAMM 2016: Orange Amps reveals the O Bass

Orange's first instrument (we're not counting the branded guitar that came with the 2000 Crush practice amps, nitpick fans)
Orange's first instrument (we're not counting the branded guitar that came with the 2000 Crush practice amps, nitpick fans)

NAMM 2016: First glimpsed in low-key, not to say hush hush, demos backstage at NAMM 2014, Orange Amplification's first instrument, the O Bass, is now being launched upon an unsuspecting show floor and public.

Apparently spurred on by feedback around leaked demo videos, the venerable UK amp manufacturer has today announced the first details of its affordable, photogenic and deliberately retro-sounding new bass. Read on for the official details.

PRESS RELEASE: Orange Amplification unleashes the O Bass, the latest brainchild of Ade Emsley, Technical Director and Lead Designer. It first made an appearance at the 2014 Winter NAMM as a demonstrator piece, hidden from view backstage. However Orange has been inundated with production requests following a number of leaked internet videos.

With its impeccable smooth lines and shapely aesthetics, the O Bass has a distinctive sonic mojo - a well-balanced bass response with a warm strident mid-range. Players with a softer touch will immediately love the abundant 'Motown-esque' earthy overtones. Dig in a little more aggressively and the O Bass will respond with infectious harmonic raunchiness, 'growling like a policeman's dog' as Ade put it!

Available in three colours, Teardrop Sunburst, Off-Black and Orange, the O Bass comes with a maple neck, rosewood fingerboard and custom-wound split coil pickup. It is supplied with a second 3-ply pickguard for customisation and fitted with master volume and tone controls, a top loading 4-saddle bridge, 2-a-side open gear tuners and knurled knobs. It comes complete with a padded Orange gig bag.

The O Bass is set to be an instant classic with bassists pursuing a genuinely authentic retro sound.

O Bass will hit the shops with a GB RRP of £289.


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