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NAMM 2016: Laney reclaims the power amp section with GHR guitar amp range

NAMM 2016: Venue volume limits and increased preamp gain mean that us guitarists are missing out on output section distortion, something Laney wants to put right with the new GHR range.

What sets the GHR guitar amps apart are their ability to blend the amount of output section in a guitarist's signal by balancing the amount of preamp distortion vs power amp gain using the master output control.

Sitting somewhere between Laney's Lionhearts and Ironhearts, the line-up comprises a 100-watt head, 50-watt head, 50-watt 2x12 combo and two cabinets: a 4x12 and 2x12.

Each amp offers two channels, a shared tone stack, master tone control, master output control and high-quality studio reverb with pull focus.

Both channels can be set up to provide clean or dirty tones - neither is focused towards one or the other.

All the amps also feature an effects loop, aux in, footswitch jack and XLR DI out with switchable cab sim - prices are as follows:

  • GH100R - £799
  • GH50R - £649
  • GH50R-212 - £949
  • GS212VR - £359
  • GS412VR - £599