NAMM 2015: Roland announces the Eric Johnson Blues Cube Tone Capsule

Eric Johnson Blues Cube Tone Capsule (available in Artist and Stage models)
Eric Johnson Blues Cube Tone Capsule (available in Artist and Stage models)

NAMM 2015: Eric Johnson's complete mastery of tone and taste has made him one of the most influential guitarists in history. Debuting at Winter NAMM is his own take on Roland's Blues Cube amp called the Roland Eric Johnson Blues Cube Tone Capsule, available in Artist and Stage versions.

From press release: Featuring Roland's unique Tube Logic design approach, the reinvented Blues Cube amps deliver the rich sound and musical touch response of finely tuned vintage tube combos, along with convenient modern features and reduced weight. In developing the Blues Cube, Roland engineers integrated the ability to re-voice the amplifier via a Tone Capsule socket on the chassis, a powerful capability now unveiled for the first time.

Eric Johnson's fluid playing style and exceptional tone are iconic, and his ear for meticulous perfection is well known among guitar enthusiasts. Desiring the same high level of sound, feel, and responsiveness that Eric demands from his vintage amplifiers, the Blues Cube team asked the guitarist to work closely with them on the Tone Capsule project. "I am very interested in pursuing new paths to getting tone," Eric explains. "When the Blues Cube team asked if they could present an amp with new tone capabilities, I was intrigued."

The Eric Johnson Tone Capsule takes the Blues Cube's already great sound and fine-tunes it to suit the guitarist's exacting requirements. Eric's expert audio design captures his discriminating tastes in texture, voicing, and rich tone, enabling every Blues Cube owner to put the legend's remarkable vintage amp insights under their fingers.

Eric is extremely impressed with the Blues Cube's factory tone, and he likes the idea of having both the factory tone and his custom settings available separately. "Many guitarists may prefer the factory Blues Cube sound over mine," Eric explains. "The factory tone will appeal to many kinds of players."

"I've spent years finding amplifiers to suit my tonal quest and discerning criteria to get my sound," Eric says. "I'm excited to work with Roland to create many aspects and persona of that sound in a more compact, tangible, and affordable version for all kinds of players."

For more information, visit Roland.

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