NAMM 2015: Jim Dunlop unveils Cry Baby Mini pedal

NAMM 2015: It was only a matter of time. Mini pedals have been everywhere for the last few years and Dunlop has already gleefully down-sized the likes of its Fuzz Face range. Now it's taken the next step, miniaturising what's possibly the most famous guitar effects pedal of all time: the Jim Dunlop Cry Baby.

Unlike many mini pedals the Cry Baby Mini doesn't sacrifice features, maintaining the full range voicing and sweep of the current Cry Baby, not to mention that must-have fasel inductor and true-bypass switching.

In addition, there's a choice of three voicings, available via an internal switch. Low voicing reduces the sweep for subtler moments, Vintage apes the original Cry Baby of the 70s and the GCB95 is the sound of the present day incarnation of the famed wah.

We've barely even touched on the main selling points: it's half the size of the original - though surprisingly easy to use still, given the footprint - and is set to retail at under £90. We officially predict these will sell like veritable hot cakes...

Matt Parker

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