NAMM 2015: Fender unveils Sergio Vallín Signature Model

NAMM 2015: Here's another oddity from the Fender stable, fresh for this year's NAMM show. Sergio Vallín, guitarist for Mexico's latin rock monsters Maná, has been awarded his own signature model, which is utilises a new offset body design.

Fender says the shape is brand new and, while it's known simply as the Fender Sergio Vallín Signature, it clearly recalls an offset Strat, while the clean, bold design and stripped down controls remind us a little of some MusicMan designs.

The gloss-finished alder body is partnered with a satin-finished modern 'C' maple neck, Fender FSV humbucking and singlecoil pickups (in an HSS configuration), and a five-way rotary pickup selection switch.

In addition, more electronic trickery lies under the volume control, which is push-pull and when in 'up' position bypasses the volume and pickup selection controls and sends the signal directly from the humbucker.

Fender has this to say about its latest signature model:

"Electrifying Mexican quartet Maná is the world's biggest Latin rock band, thanks in no small part to the masterful guitar work of Sergio Vallín. Fender and Vallín have now collaborated closely on the Sergio Vallín Signature guitar model, one of the most distinctive instruments in the Fender Artist series.

"With a brand-new offset body shape, tonally versatile HSS pickup layout with special switching, and other special appointments, it's a bold new Fender design loaded with pure Vallín sound, personality and playability."

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