NAMM 2015: FatMetal distortion pedal from Amptweaker

NAMM 2015: Amptweaker has lived up to its name by tinkering with its popular TightMetal distortion pedal series. The FatMetal, debuting at NAMM 2015, is the undeniably noisy result.

Aimed at those of you keener on thick distortion than palm muted articulation, FatMetal's main weapon is the new Black gain switch, while the Thrash button can be deployed to add presence and mid-scoop.

For more info, read on or hit the Amptweaker website.

PRESS RELEASE: Amptweaker's popular TightMetal series distortion pedals have become a standard in metal tones and many metal artists are now touring with them.

The new FatMetal tweaked version is designed to meet the needs of the players seeking heavier, thicker distortion with less emphasis on palm-muted articulation.

A special Black gain switch was added to help get Black or Doom metal tones that typically use tremolo- or flutter-picking and less hard-stopping attack in their music by adding a thicker sounding distortion.

Combining the Thrash switch for added presence and mid-scoop helps create many different metal tones. And much like the FatRock version of the TightRock, the highs have been tweaked for a smoother tone, and the noise gate was throttled down to reduce the e!ect of the gate stopping the notes quickly, resulting in more sustain.

The FatMetal also makes a simple 1-click rhythm/lead solution when combined with the TightMetal patched into the SideTrak loop(active when the FatMetal is OFF) for rhythms.

A delay can be patched into the standard e!ects loop on the FatMetal for the perfect legato solo tones. The FatMetal is also great for heavy bass tones, since the Tight control and basic tone have been tweaked lower/darker, similar to the tweaks made to create our Bass TightDrive.

Will Groves

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