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NAMM 2015: DOD collaborates with Black Arts Toneworks on Boneshaker distortion pedal

NAMM 2015: In a bold new move, DOD has collaborated with renowned boutique builder Black Arts Toneworks to create the Boneshaker distortion, a pedal aimed at players of extended-range guitars, basses and baritones.

The Boneshaker owes its bowel-emptying power to its complement of EQ controls, which include low level, low frequency, mid level, mid frequency, high level and high frequency, as well as a depth control for additional rumble.

Elsewhere, you get true bypass switching, nine-volt battery or power supply operation and hipster-approved graphics - penny-farthing ahoy!

The DOD Boneshaker will be available in the UK from March, and price is TBC. For more info, check out the DOD site.